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Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines

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Evidence-Based Systematic Reviews

A Meta-Analysis of Word-Finding Treatments for Aphasia
Wisenburn, B., & Mahoney, K. (2009).
Aphasiology, 23(11), 1338-1352
Added: May 2012
This is a meta-analysis of studies investigating word-finding treatments (phonological, semantic and mixed treatment approaches) for individuals with aphasia
  • The authors conclude that word finding treatments using a semantic, phonological or mixed treatment approach are efficacious for individuals with aphasia. However, no conclusions could be drawn to suggest that one intervention approach was better than another. 
  • Effect sizes were reportedly high for all treatments with maintenance of effect remaining substantial (0.48) 3 months post-treatment. 

Clinical Expertise/Expert Opinion

Consensus Guidelines  
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Client/Patient/Caregiver Perspectives

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